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Image:2008_Government_Center_Boston_3104798847.jpg|thumb|100px|right|Brooke courthouse in Boston houses the Administrative Office of the District Court Department File:Massachusetts judicial district map.png|thumb|Massachusetts judicial district map The '''Massachusetts District Court''' (also known as the '''District Court Department of the Trial Court''') is a trial court in Massachusetts that hears a wide range of Criminal law|criminal, Civil law (common law)|civil, house|housing, Juvenile (law)|juvenile, mental health, and other types of cases. District Court criminal jurisdiction extends to all Felony|felonies punishable by a sentence up to five years, and many other specific felonies with greater potential penalties; all misdemeanors; and all violations of city and town ordinances and by-laws. In felonies not within District Court final jurisdiction, the District Court conducts probable cause...
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